I’m not a techie!

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By the way, did I mention I haven’t got much clue when it comes to designing things, being techinical, and making things look too pretty???

Don’t hate on me if the blog doesn’t look like no money has been spent on it! It hasn’t!

I can’t afford that crap.

And if its a bit unorganized, forgive me for that too.

Maybe it will get better further down the line!


Welcome to my Blog

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Cool! This is my first time blogging! I’m a blogging virgin! lol

Anyway, I thought it was about time I set up a blog. (everyone else seems to be doing it.)

But I also thought it would be cool, and helpful, if my blog was about a goal or many goals I am trying to achieve.

My main goal, or rather what I care about most right now, is getting in shape!

I’m a little on the skinny side and want to add a few pounds, or 10, of muscle and size.

Follow my journey.

I’m too embarassed to post pictures.

When I get big and muscular, maybe I will then! :p haha

I’m big on theory, so first on the agenda is working out that!

I want to know the science behind building muscle.

I know, I know, I should probably be down the gym just lifting weight rather than bothering myself about the ‘science’ behind muscle. But, hey ho, this is my blog, I like theories, I like science.

This is where my journey begins…